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      Planked Trout Dinner               Cook County Historical Hunt

           Saturday, July 9 at 5:30 p.m.                       Scavenger Hunt - Saturday, August 20
at the Grand Marais R.V. Park Recreation Hall               at the Museum, 8th South Broadway, Grand Marais.

            Price at the door: $15.00.                                             (Time to be announced) 
                   Buy advanced tickets before                                                          (Free)
            July 6 at the Museum for a $1.00 off!                                              




Dog sleds built by Hovland trapper Mike West 
Trapping artifacts
Snowshoes built by John Beargrease and the history of this legendary mail-carrier
Dog sled racing memorabilia
Learn how Devil Track got its name

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       The St. Francis Xavier (Chippewa City) Church
The Lighthouse Keeper's Residence (History Museum)
The Bally Blacksmith Shop
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NOW OPEN: Music from the Tip 'O the Arrowhead

From the Town Hall polkas, through the bars and clubs, jazz, rock & country bands, church choral groups
and so many others, we have gained a rich history of music over the years.
Johnny Nelson, Joe Wischop, Emil Eliasen,
Ben Seglem, and Floyd Moses, 1920s
Johnny Nelson, Joe Wischop, Emil Eliasen, Ben Seglem, and Floyd Moses